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Some people !

I don’t know what it is these days but I just find myself getting more and more wound up all the time. I can be leaving the house and someone drives past and nearly runs me down when I’m walking the dog or there is so much traffic that I can’t even cross the road. Maybe it’s just me but it seems so stressful these days everywhere I go.

A trip to the supermarket is like an assault course with the SAS especially on a Sunday ! I mean whay does everone pile down ther all at the same time? Haven’t they got anything better to do like take the kids for a walk in the country or something ? I’m sure we used to do things other than shopping on a Sunday when we were little, at least i think we did?

It’s everything I do these days just seems to be spoiled by other people and I find myself wishing that I lived on an island or something like a castle with a huge moat maybe.


Sometimes you just need a helping hand….

So my wife has been asking me to get on with the garage that we had planned to build last year and I suppose that I’ve been putting it off and putting it off because the whole process simply looks daunting to me and I really just didn’t want to get started with it at all. At the end of the day I never ever claimed to be good at DIY or any kind of manual work if I’m honest as its just never been my thing I’m more grey matter !

But by huge coincidence our neighbours had been having some work done on a conservatory and they had a whole team of workers and builders in place and they seemed to be doing a pretty tidy job which lest face it has to be even better than any kind of recommendation no matter how much you trust the person giving you the heads up .

These guys were already pretty busy and couldn’t fit us in till much later in the year so this at least gave us time to get all the planning permission in place and they advised us to use a local architect business in Blackpool so we contacted Matt and he came out to see us and straight away I was confident that we had the right man for the job , he just knew instinctively what it was that we wanted and he was very reassuring that he felt we would have no problem securing planning permission for our project.

After our discussion the plans were drawn up and Matt as part of his fee presented the plans to the local council planning department who turned the job around in just over six weeks . We were over the moon when the planning decision came in and the guys who had been working next door had us booked in for the job later on this year in December.

The building company go by the less salubrious name of Blackpool handyman and after hearing the name of the company I was amazed to see the range of work that these guys do . everything from putting up  a curtain pole to fitting kitchens and beyond !

So we are set for December now and then no more leaving the car in the street which I’m very happy about and we can get all the bikes and car parts out of the house which will save us up quite a bit of room . The wife will hopefully leave me alone for a bit and I can get back up to the Highlands to do some more walking and enjoying of the local brew.

Until next time .

My Header Image

My header Image was taken at Loch Ness in Scotland which is my favourite place in the world .

I visit the area several times a year but this time was special because it was my friends Peter and Faye’s wedding so a few of us took a trip up to the Highlands of Bonnie Scotland .

Those guys had never been up to the Highlands before and seeing how it was a pre-wedding trip it was always going to be a memorable occasion for them . They just had a few plans to sort out before we set off including sorting quite a few of the wedding arrangements ,the flowers needed ordering and finalising and they were in negotiation with the photographer for a better price on the pictures for the wedding.

So the flowers got booked and the photographer came to a mutual agreement with them and just as we were about to set off they realised that they hadn’t ordered the wedding limousine which would’ve been a disaster because it would’ve meant the bride arriving in the back of a van basically !

All sorted then and the car was packed so the trip could begin . I always enjoy the drive up to Scotland and never find it a bind even though its like a 6 to 7 hour journey it never really bothers me as the scenery is sooo great and the roads are fairly quiet or at least they are a lot quieter than the roads if you are travelling South so very few hold ups which is great for me.

After you leave the M6 and get on the A9 its all plain sailing or driving depending on your mode of travel . Up past Glasgow and then on to Perth its a straight road mostly and as long as you adhere to the speed limit you shouldn’t encounter any problems . There is quite a lot of accidents on the A9 though so you need to keep your wits about you and watch out for weird driving behaviour where maybe someone might have fallen asleep behind the wheel or something.

We hit the outskirts of Inverness about 7pm and it was still light enough to see the city as we drove through the streets , i love the approach to Inverness as you come down the hill and you can see the bridge that takes you further up into the Highlands and up to the top of Scotland to John O’groats.

We eventually arrived at the Drumnadrochit Hotel at 8.30 and got ourselves signed in and settled into our rooms ready for our evening meal which was local beef and Haggis which they loved as it was the first time they had ever eaten it . After Dinner and a couple of pints with of course a nice Malt Whiskey after we decided on an early night so that we could get a nice early start in the morning.

I shall return to this post another day and let you know what else happened on our trip to Scotland.

Bye for now.